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In 1975, fifty-fifty was the rule.

At that time, the distribution between producers and intermediaries was equal. (Agristat, 2022)


2020 - The price gap is widening.

While producer prices have fallen by more than a quarter since 1990, consumer prices have risen by almost a fifth. (SRF Eco, 2021)


Today - Coloc creates new opportunities.

Coloc gives producers visibility and provides a sales platform where they can become more independent and determine their own margins.




Why Coloc?

Too many numbers? Here are two examples:


According to a recently published study by the Federation of French-speaking Swiss Consumers (Féderation romande des consommateurs), in 2022 Swiss producers would receive only two instead of thirteen centimes (2021) per cucumber, which costs an average of CHF 1.80 in the store.

The Zurich Farmers' Association (ZBV) has analyzed the distribution of profits between producers and wholesalers for various products. The result is sobering for producers. In the case of potatoes, the profit of the wholesaler is five times higher than that of the producer. In the case of eggs, retailers earned 9 times as much, and in the case of apples, as much as 28 times as much.


Who is Coloc?

We would like to offer local producers  an easy-to-use sales platform through which they can sell their products directly without having to share the profit with the middleman

Sustainably Local: You can rest assured that the products you buy are sustainably, locally made and made from the heart

For stronger direct marketing: Since the products are sold directly by their producers, Coloc ensures that the income generated flows back into the local value chain

From small companies: Coloc works with small companies that have big plans. Both a quality-assuring and considerate production as well as the drive to create new and innovative products connect us.

Together we are stronger: We believe in a networked local economy with a common presence, where knowledge is exchanged, trust is built and ideas are implemented together.

Why Coloc?



Why is Coloc different?

We love unique local product that dont make it onto the shelves of big retailers due to smaller production numbers. Unfortunately, however, they often lack visibility and thus do not receive the attention they deserve...
Due to the small and customer-oriented business concept, Coloc  supports the producers in presenting their products to the neighborhood and offering them to the local population 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the self-service shop.


Why is Coloc good for the environment

Coloc relies on a hyper-local product range. This means that only products from surrounding producers are eligible. As a result, the range is not only sustainable, but also unique in each Coloc!

In addition, Coloc improves the environmental balance of food through seasonality and organic guidelines and, thanks to its proximity to customers in the district, makes it possible to be reached by foot. 




Gerechtigkeitsgasse 32
3011 Bern

Telephone: +41 79 208 24 63


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To offer fresh and local products to the neighborhood 24/7, while creating fairness and transparency for producers and consumers alike.


What is Colocs mission?


Opening Hours

Coloc is open seven days a week and around the clock :)


Throughout the day (6am - 9pm Uhr) you enjoy free acces while at night (9pm - 6 pm) you will receive easy acces via the Digital Key

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