• Economic: On our platform, the food producers benefit from direct sales without passing on to intermediaries.  Our mobile and inexpensive infrastructure combined with a business model based on the shared economy also allows us to forego expensive commercial space and adjust the space rent individually to the producers' needs.  

  • Social: The revenue generated on our local sales platforms flows directly into the local economy, strengthening its independence and resilience. Furthermore, we provide consumers with an extremely transparent shopping experience, where each product can be traced back to the producer. Finally, low operating costs and no profit margins for intermediaries guarantee reasonable prices and ensuring the affordability of local products without penalizing producers.  

  • Environmental: The mobile, small and energy-efficient sales platforms can create shopping opportunities close to the customer, eliminating the need to use vehicles for shopping. Besides, all products come from the sales platform's immediate vicinity, which significantly improves the CO2 balance of the products offered.